Blog For for New Energy Yoga - Changing Perspectives

July 2, 2017

Changing perspectives

Yoga has the power to shift our perspective. As we begin to link the breath and the movement, we have to detach from the world and other distraction and be present in our body. If that perspective shift is not subtle enough then yoga gives us certain poses that assure a shift in our perspective. With inversions like shoulder stand, headstand or handstand, our world is literally turned upside down. When you enter these postures you have to be light, balanced, calm, and strong. This translates to our emotional selves as well. You cannot be negative in an inversion because your negativity weighs you down, you cannot be worried in an inversion because then you will fall out of balance, you cannot be anxious because you are forced to concentrate on breath, and you have to embody strength as the power to get into inversions are immense.

Our perception can become our reality in that the way we see something can become our truth. This can be limiting as it is inevitable that we will face stresses and challenges in life but what is in our power is the way that we view and thus react to theses challenges. The ability to take a step back, shift our perspective, allows us to take control of our happiness. Yoga is a practice of perspective shifting. We shift the focus from our outer selves to our inner, from stress to peace, from confusion to clarity.

Need to change your perspective? Do some yoga.