Blog Post for New Energy Yoga - A New Resolution

July 30, 2017

A New Resolution

Post-holiday haze really has me on the struggle bus. Aside from a bad case of jet lag, I also am suffering from ‘you’re on holiday, eat whatever you like’ weight gain and bloated belly. Not that I regret a single morsel that I stuffed down my face, because I truly believe that food is part of the joy of traveling, BUT my body is now feeling the consequences of my ice-cream-every-day mentality.

My solution? A new resolution.

I always enjoy returning home from traveling because it is an incentive to start fresh, begin a new regime, set a new goal. My goal for August, #yogaeverydamnday. This is an awesome hashtag started by the insta star Yoga Girl, aka Rachel Brathen, and what a beautiful message it is! It’s all about doing yoga everyday in whatever capacity you can. Whether that means hitting up an Ashtanga class, a hard core home practice, or a quick 10-minute meditation session. Just do it! Habits have to start somewhere! With that in mind, I am getting my tush off the couch and jumping on my mat.