Blog Post for New Energy Yoga - Mindless Multitasking

September 17, 2017

Mindless Multitasking

In book club this week (which P.S. was awesome!), one of the many topics discussed was multitasking. In our modern society we are inundated with to-do lists, handheld distractions, and the illusionary belief that multitasking makes us more productive. How much are we actually getting done when we try and do everything at once? Speaking for myself only, when my monkey-mind is juggling two things at once, the only outcome is a red faced, stressed out and generally unpleasant Bree. Our desire to multitask can be linked to the pressure of our society and the need to be successful, healthy, happy. After so many years of habitual unconscious action taken in the pursuit of these things, our consciousness becomes clouded and a tainted perspective becomes norm.

Yoga can be a reprieve from this vicious cycle. With each breath and each movement, we unwind those years of habitual action and bring ourselves closer to a perspective unhindered by the future anxieties or past burdens. In yoga there is a term for this false perception. It is called Avidya and literally means ‘incorrect comprehension’. As we begin to practice yoga, we can begin to try become aware of the aspects of Avidya including asmita = ego, raga = the making of demands, dvesa = the rejection of things, and abhinivesa = fear.

The practice of yoga can be a tool for us to gain clarity of consciousness and shift our perspective. So take a few minutes this week or go to a yoga class and give yourself the permission for a moment to turn off. Just stop. Still your world. Maybe, just maybe, gain some perspective.